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SOUTHERN GEORGIAN BAY and surrounding areas

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Finish Carpentry, Drywall, Doors, Trim, Built Ins, Studios, Finish Basements, Tongue and Grove Walls/Ceilings, Accent Beams, Interior Framing and more.

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Accent Trusses, Sheds, Decks and more.

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Stump Furniture, Live Edge Projects, Planters, Sliding Barn Doors, and more.


Peace of Mind

Property Checks

Going on vacation? Own a second home or cottage, but live to far away to check it?

Having someone check your property on a regular basis is not only part of your insurance requirements but can help reduce or eliminate damage caused by circumstances beyond your control.

Structural framework. Interior and exterior wall finishing. Blueprint reading and drafting. Site surveying. Energy efficient construction.

Protect your Investment

Property Maintenance

Aside from home upgrades and renovations, one of the most effective ways of increasing the value of your home is to maintain it properly.

Not to be confused with Yard Maintenance. Think of it like this. If you were to put your house up for sale tomorrow, what things would you need done first?

 Selecting, measuring and marking materials for interior panelling, trim or mouldings. Cutting and shaping materials and joining them with nails, screws, bolts or glue. Developing work plans. Reading and interpreting blueprints.


Adaptions / Modifications

Retrofitting your home now can sometimes be costly, but it could save you money down the road (when most of us have less of it).

For many Canadian seniors, once you decide to retire, you and/or your spouse will likely spend a significant amount of time at home, entertaining family or friends.

Your home is your sanctuary, filled with memories. It is where you intend to live out the rest of your lives, comfortably.

Below are just a few suggested adaptions for independence:

Make your home accessible for your day-to-day living by creating a wider doorway for wheelchairs.

Trying to grip onto a doorknob can sometimes prove to be quite challenging as we age. Simply changing your knobs to lever handles can make living in your home much easier.

Make sure your outdoor stairs and/or decks have railings and good traction on surfaces.

Install handrails in your corridors. As well as, bars and related reinforcements around the toilet, tub and shower.